Harvest well advanced!

Well what lucky people we are! Hardly a drop of rain all month has meant a speedy harvest across the group. We are well ahead of last year’s timings, due in equal part to the fabulous summer just gone and the fact that last year was so cold and awful the trees staged their own protest and made us pick apples right up to the end of November.

This year we seem to be looking at a much larger apple than usual, which means that we need to find a market which we don’t usually serve. An 80mm+ diameter apple is a bit over-facing for most people to tackle in a single sitting (not me, mind you), so we have to try to encourage people to go all continental with their habits instead. Of course, your ability to take four hour lunch breaks and spend all of August at the seaside is largely academic, but you could buy large apples and cut them into segments for dessert.

Bramleys are superb this year. Again, they are certainly on the large side, and a simple baked apple with a few raisins and custard is an awesome pudding for very little cost.

With nice Mr Putin denying Muscovites decent fresh fruit on a point of principal about invading other people’s countries, we’ve got our work cut out to drive UK demand for apples. Kent apples and pears are brilliant and much better for you than crisps and biscuits, so if you happen to be in a supermarket at any point in the next eight months, think of your health and stick one in the eye of Vlad the Inhaler at the same time. He might ride bears and wrestle wolves for the hell of it, but he’s no match for you and a couple of polybags of Coxes.

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